Lolita Stories


Related article: Physical therapy is the prognosis for full recovery a ninety cents. Viewed on a cliff of visits to Troy, he brought Roger and placed against each other. As usual, I'd like all o Cliff, Cliff followed the example of Roger and almost immediately wanted to Troy, as well. Roger and Troy fell in a big way and when they could not get Cliff Troy was filled according to Roger. Cliff life was blissfully quiet. His responsibilities in the Church was normal and uneventful, as he and Roger were happy at home. believe o no, Jay had gained 6 pounds, her skin was pink and look healthy, and energy levels increased every day. The power of God ?... New drugs and new doctor ?... Again, as part of a family ?... broccoli? Cliff does Lolita Stories not want credit enhancement Jay n to one thing. It was a combination of all these contributions are factors. The relationship between Rob and Timmy became stronger with each bedroom interlude, whiland were able to maintain their romantic capers Secret of their families. Cliff scheduled meeting on Saturday morning at the church before confessions in the afternoon some changes in the mass with Jason and practices Tony n, the two acolytes of all Americans. Besides being handsome, that as "monkey". Cliff asked how long it would take before they go bad in a pubescent little experimentation with each other! Perhaps he had begun and held the secret of his confessor. When that they were willing to tell him to stay quiet and not much surprised me. From noon to 16 00 clock stopped, Canyon usual secret sins --- masturbation sessions unknown to their spouses (male and female ), couple of adventures within the community adultery, cheating on a test school, "accidentally " Lolita Stories forgot to pay for something at the mall, and the pronouncements usual hatred of parents or a neighbor. the priest was seen as a "Dear Abby" and tEarn sister, Ann Landers, and that s of the confession was not all that listened only to gossip which is sometimes difficult to release or do penance for the forgiveness that Lolita Stories s. And it was about the power of confession. 04 of 20 clock Cliff by the voice that whispered fear, " Bless me, Father, for I have sinned ".... Kendall was Marsden. "What sins accuse you, my son? " " Father, I have become a pawn in a game that has been ruined bad life other person. " A shiver ran through Cliff. "Go ahead. Please continue. " " Father, my mother likes to control things. She loves to run the lives of people, especially me. " Cliff did not want to be curious. It meant the same without Kendall, as he wanted to reveal. Cliff seemed unaware of what or who Kendall moved. continued,... "I have 14 years of age, the father I have no friends I've never had a boyfriend at my age I do not allow public visit schools and OTRthan boys. Instead, I have several tutors who come n to my house to teach me Lolita Stories about the world, life and other relevant matters. I've never had a girlfriend... I can not even remember the last time I with a girl. My mother wants to be the only woman in my life. When thirteen years, she taught me about masturbation. Even showed me how to n... and the fear that soon will be the desire to have sex with a woman, she organized a blackmail scheme and forced a man to teach me about sex and said he was... my idea that I was gay and needed a partner to meet my needs I n ot attend the man, but had no choice... You pay his debts and his car, he had a debt to them would be several thousands of dollars and then told him that if I do not like and the needs Lolita Stories of my s, they tell everyone Lolita Stories that he was a child molester and promised to trace the limits of the law, and that would be as follows 25 years in prison. And he was afraid of it and mailThat same afternoon, n and every night, came into my room and tried to please me, and that could. He taught me oral sex and anal. allows me to emulate his anal while he went to me verbally in the past.. I thought the guy was is a type of male prostitutes, because he showed me how my path with n it several times a day. I was always the dominant partner and never failed up to a climax when reached last Sunday afternoon he went to his car to visit his father in a nursing home, as he always did all Sunday... and never returned. I have not seen or heard from him in six n days. My mother was so angry, I got on the phone and hired detectives will find... and now I'm afraid they found him and killed him... and you paid for it. I do not want part of a murder... I told him that want a ride this afternoon and paid the driver 100-100 dollars in secret brings me to him and ask his advice on what to do. " orderlyr of confidentiality, Cliff could not reveal, Kendall, where Troy, but the child was in such agony of fear, guilt, and the fear was that Cliff in contrived, everything that could actually is it... In addition, Cliff was not entirely convinced, Kendall said the truth. Maybe it was a trick from her mother to Cliff asked if knew the whereabouts of Troy. Perhaps Kendall went back to Troy for yourself! Cliff thought he would try a different tactic to see if the boy was honest with him. "I can ask... when was the last time you were happy ?" Cliff began. "What kind of luck you talking about? " 'I asked. " Any guy was playing on a trip?... A video game ?... Only a movie s ? Laughter... something funny on TV?... Playing with a pet ?... n What is the last thing to smile, made indoors and outdoors? " " None of these things, Father. " " Very true. If you're only lying in bed and have the opportunity to sleep... how about sleep ? "n " I wantjust had a friend to talk to. I wish I could go to normal children and what they do. " " If you had a friend who would be the kind of things that I like the n him or her? " " I do not know... only normal children do everyday things. " " Give me an example... " " OK... Sunday morning, when we come to church... I see these two guys can help to Mass and I am very jealous. Hopefully one of them becomes ill, and would be in the community to come get and take his place. The look like two friends and I would like could also be your friend. " " If I could arrange with your mother, you want to and an altar boy at Mass with them. " " Yes, father. Well, that's one thing that could make me happy. " " Let me tell you something else... If you could be anything in the world when you grow up, what would it be? " " Well, I do not know who you're talking about... or perhaps you have , not just want to point to... what Iuld like most in the world to be n is a priest. " If Kendall was, he was a professional. He was convinced that Cliff s telling the truth. " would react as you think your mother if I heard him say for? " " Never take me back to church... I have to grow and s rich and look after your money... That 's what they had planned for the n I... Father, please, not bad, but I about what would happen if he killed Troy... OH GOD! I do not want to say his name !!... Now you know who I am and mother, and you know you Troy is the guy that blackmail. " " That's fine, Kendall, your secret 's safe with me. You are in a religious and I am under oath by the votes of not to reveal my all n you say, even in court. " " OK, we'll end up saying what I was doing... I'll be thinking, if the mother Troy was killed, to be arrested, convicted and imprisoned for some Women's and could live the life I wanted and what I wantis... Have a father, again, I ask that is not the wrong way, but, Time and again I wanted to kill... just to get to... or out of it. " " Kendall, do not want you have to do this, they think... I am here to and I 'm on your side. Whenever you feel that way... They come to see me... Promise? " " I promise. " " Kendall, I do not want or I can not go into details, but make sure that Troy is not dead. His mother wanted to kill him, and as far as I know, there s found him yet. "N " You know, where is he ? " " Yo I can not say, but my word for it, is safe. " " Can you tell that I cared about him and his safety? " " When I see it, I'll tell... Now back to you and your kind... What if I find something, well, not to mention the "blackmail", but somehow managed to "convince" her mother, you become an altar boy ? " " Oh, my God! Do you really think I could convince them? " The asked with enthusiastic hope. " Let me see what I can do. " " Thank you, Father.. . Now tell me how much you have to pay atonement... then let me, so I can go home quickly before the mother learns that I have... It will hire private detectives to follow me, the next step. " u003c u003e u003c u003e u003c u003e u003c u003e u003c u003e November 00 Mass, sitting in her private banking Kendall, child, but less than here with her, Troy, Marsden is kitty n usual arrogant smile. When Jason and Tony were his acolytes " n tasks, Cliff Kendall looked in the corner of my eye, as shown a two children with admiration and envy. After Cliff gave his blessing, the choir sang the last song he had chosen: " In humility said, unseen truth, is what hiding under a shadow dark, Lo, a position to stand up and be brave, , because only then can we find the truth that is incalculable. " with the exception of Timmy and Rob were the voices choir to discordant and warbly, was enough to make anyone bitter belly BEFMineral is home until Sunday afternoon. Jesus! Cliff has been a budget request to hire a Some singers Cliff took his customary "goodbye " the position of the Church is very big jolt before doors, hands and cross some words of one n "goodbye" to his next show. He smiled, nodded, kissed her on the cheek... all n with one exception... ", Mrs. Marsden, I could see for a moment, after the rest of the congregation has left ? " " Certainly, my father. " She replied shyness. If the car's engine had started last, Cliff big doors closed Kitty Face Marsden and Kendall. " Kendall, do you mind waiting for his mother in his car? I must have a word in private with her. " " Of course not, Father. " he said with a nervous restlessness. For him, the n may mean that a child is always an altar, and he was willing to let the two adults talk as long as no " spill the beans " Cliff and let your mother know that s in the scheme. ", Mrs. Marsden,.. " Cliff began, "Please call me Kitty. " She interrupted him. " Well, Kitty... While going through several records here San Ginés, I learned that you are one of our biggest financial participant to us, and I really liked. " " I've always tried whatever and when ever I could help. " " Thanks.. Since this call is because they are so generous, I would like to ask another post. " " Whatever, "he said," I'm sure you can fix... Money has little meaning for me. " " I have about the extension of the November 00 clock Sunday mass with the thought over sections of music and the improvement of the mass itself. If I do, I need some additional acolytes. " " And I suppose you're going to need more money to give vestments and ornaments? " " No, I have the costumes... It is the people you need.... What I ask is, donate " Kendall services. " " Of course not ! This is completely out of the question, " " Well, before I completely rejected, I would perhaps say why no? " " is just that Kendallnot do that in public! "To do such things? " "N , he said firmly. " "no" or " not allowed n " What do you mean by that. Father? " She said with chilling voice n audible. " Well, let's say that I 'm suggesting that Kendall might want to be altar boy and would not allow it. " " Father, I'm afraid I do not know, my son very well. " " I would like to be different with you, Mrs. Marsden... 'Kitty', I fear, maybe you do not know your son is a good thing. " " I think I know my own son, "his tone icy air. " Well, if you have, you know who dreamed of the acolyte for a long time. He has expressed to me privately, that means that serve God better... and I'm sure not in the way of finding a state satisfying spirituality. " " Kendall She has spoken on this subject ? " " Yes, and because of my vow of secrecy, I can not reveal all his wishes. " " I'm a little withdrawn. I do not know, my son attended the religiousStand. " " And when I'm at it, I have learned from Kendall, but through another source, that the young man who lives with you, Troy, n in debt to you by a large sum of money. " " Father, I 'm afraid it's too much to overcome boundaries, penetration away from its position. " " No, if my church welfare constituents. " " I have no idea what you're talking about. " " I think so. To continue, Kitty, if, by dint of good your heart, I 'll tell you the amount you owe Troy, I have an anonymous donors are willing to pay the full amount, with interest, if necessary. " " So, I think " anonymous donor " be revealed, and touch with my lawyers. " " If it takes, I'm sure he likes, but I'm afraid, There are some codicils made ​​available. " " And they are... " ", especially when Troy debt is paid in full, you can pull and no longer feel obligated to you in any way. " "... And the second? " " Kmay be the formation endall acolyte Tony and restart Jason. " " Father, if I agreed to his offer absurd, I never Let Kendall to associate with two children. " " The two children are exactly what he would like to Kendall. " " Sorry, my father, but his questions about my account. " " No, when the truth about the conditions of Troy says financial agreement with you - I hate to say it - a form of "blackmail "? " " Father, your indignation the accusations of me! " " You are ugly when claims... But if truth is even more disgusting. " " Tell me, dear Father,... Do you know where is Troy? " " Yes, Lolita Stories I know. " " And he is mine ", accused of extortion '?... What evidence do you have ?... Where are your witnesses? " " he had a witness who is willing to available evidence. " " And who, pray tell, is it? " " Your son, Kendall... I do not know how many other he said, but of your child is ready to tell anyone, not even a jury to let youTroy let go , and Kendall for their freedom and do what he wants with his life s... and that always includes an altar boy and maybe even other things that dreams if it has grown. " " Since you know so much... which, for example? " " Why do not you go ask Kendall, Kitty? Why do not meet your child s as good as you think? " You did not respond. Cliff was a hard look, trying very hard as they could to contain a tear. " Father, if these things agree, has the I know security not be involved in a scandal? " " You have my word as a man of God that I see it, that or Kendall and Troy never said anything about it. " " What do I do? " " Exactly what I proposed. Give me a financial value of the debt Troy balance, and I'll see you get your money as soon as morning. Secondly, I would like to see Kendall test acolyte following morning Saturday 10 of 00 of the clock... And thirdly, I would like you see in your normalbank on Sunday. I think not seek membership elsewhere. That are too valuable to San Ginés - church as a community leader, a benefactor and as a faithful member and a child of God. " " Father, if your word, you say your " anonymous donors ", as From this point, Troy issued debt and the "donor " can use a large font contribution of the Church as you see fit. " Cliff Despite Kitty 's generosity not only be amazed at how she always was able to buy their way out of everything. " Blessed are the rich... ? ' " What about Kendall? " Cliff pressed " things that I talk to him and if he wants to become an altar server, I'll make sure that here the next Saturday. " " Kitty, I can do... I do not suggest to make sure he's here, it decide for yourself here alone. " " okay, dad... What else? " " only, dass.. you are here next Sunday, right? " " What is missing?... And my son is the star of the masses? I I would not miss ! " " Thank you, kitty. ""No, I guess I should thank him. I feel relieved with the idea that things back to normal. " N "Everything will be fine. " " Farewell, father a cliff. " " Goodbye, kitty... hope we can be good friends. " " If I live by the conditions you put on your friendship... " when he left, Cliff began to cut the lights and was close all the doors when the phone rang in his study. " Hello?" Cliff said. " Hey, baby. I was hoping it could take before going out. " It was Roger and his voice sounded so happy. " I was about to close the side door and leave... Where are you? " N "That's why it's called. I guess the hospital on Wednesday? " " Troy? 're kidding! " ", and guess where to live? " " I have no idea. But I have a great news. Tell Troy is free of Kitty 's claws. He agreed to accept his offer and guess what?... I am will have a beautiful new 14 former altar boy ! "\\ \\ n "Jesus, what isput in the cup this morning? Kickapoo Joy juice? " " No, I would be a ptomaine paper cup, but... only to a. " " You did not answer me a few minutes... Where do you think are the Trojan to live? "N " I told him I did not know. " " What would you think if I became the porch of the rectory in a bedroom complete with a hospital bed and the rehabilitation team ? " " I'm not sure, but my immediate reaction... is wonderful. " " and comes with a live -in nurse. " "Damn! Another person also ? " " No.. I discussed the matter with Jay and he wants to have care of Troy. " " My God, you're busy this morning! " " Well, what do you like my idea? " " I think I love you more than ever, if that's possible... They stay, right? " " I dare not leave him alone with two boys... mainly two uncles who are in love with you. " " Rog, you are sure that we do all this ? " " I told you, baby, my grandfather left tens of millions... Hell, I 'm going to build , theI new wing of the house if you wish! " " Two new host 's enough for today, thank you... They live there in the hospital and come over and we go somewhere for lunch. " " Bad idea! We have to go home to eat. Jay is waiting for us. It found this new way of cooking broccoli. " "God, I hope he gets better soon, before all of our skin back green! "N When Cliff was the fourth of Troy hospital, Troy was the face of n shines. Roger was in a chair beside the bed. He rose to greet cliff n give a quick " hello" to a kiss. After cliff said a few words to Troy, " you told all? "Roger Cliff was quick to ask. " It's not all !... I want him to have some surprises. "Roger replied. " will meet with some surprises, Jay of life. We all keep guard around him. You never know what to do next! "Date Cliff. N " I can not wait to meet Jay, "said Troy. " Sounds like a lot of fun! " " Troy, Roger tells me he has spoken with you about your living room agreements once you leave the hospital on Wednesday... If Are you comfortable with this step? "N " You know very well, I agree ! Who does not ? Roger tells I 've got to Kitty. I can never thank you enough. " " Do you think that I have only my duty as a Christian, as a priest to carry peace in this world. has brought " " You certainly have peace in my world. " " I did not know exactly what they do alone. I had a little help. " " Oh, who? " " Can we talk about it next Wednesday, when you get your new at home? "Roger said quickly, trying to change the subject. " I think we have time to talk of many things when he moved... Troy, on your clothes and belongings. I want someone more than n Marsden 's residence to pick them up ? " " I have not decided how or when to pick my stuff yet. I only know that do not want to see them! Did you tell that I am and what happens? " " No, Troy, when he realizes it will not be my fault. I said, of my vote, I can't reveal secrets... and sorry, even if I could, I not tell. "N " You know, she had already Lolita Stories paid it. I have no money... no -saving... no credit cards... no. I wanted to know before you know it gone too far with me their hospitality. "Troy said, shame n. " Hey, big guy, do not worry, " Roger broke into" money. All We want you to concentrate on improving. " " I'll do my best, but Cliff 's father, Roger, I hope you do not mind if I wonder who will pay me to stay at home? I know that your contained in the Church is not so great. " " Now you can start talking again about the money, "said Roger. " I , we suggest you. " " Roger is right, Troy. Let's say money is no factor when it back on your feet and turned to a life of normalcy. " " I know there is much difference in our ages, but then I think that , I have a new group of parents. "Troy said, to watch the eyesa smiled. " No. This is a good way to look at, but if you will think we, as parents, there is more that goes with the territory. " " Oh, me say it! " " You have a brother the same age. " " who? Oh, you mean Jay? "n " We.. Jay. do not have the same, took EE. UU.. " " you have it, said he is sick... HIV-positive? " " will find the details below but it is fair to say that now that Jay full-blown AIDS with a short life expectancy. is seen has a new doctor who tried a new experimental drug on him. " "How is he? " "It's wonderful to do. he is gaining weight. has the skin of a large returns the color and energy is greater than ours. What that the change in him, I'm not concerned. it's almost like a miracle " cliff said. " Some people go into remission wonderful after all the other seems to have failed. Check out Greg Louganis ! He had AIDS and complete disarmament under T -cell count and set a new regional MedicalThe men went into remission, and the n it looks better Lolita Stories than the rest of us. "Troy offered. " Jay always remember Greg. A quick look at the progress Greg became an end in itself therapeutic. "Roger said. N " I just wanted to make sure were not scared at the prospect, the norm s of life, change, or eat with a person who " has been diagnosed with Big n A '. " " No problem. I had HIV and do seminars, and doing all the n one. " " Great! I think that's all - - unless you have questions, Troy? " " I have a few. What was the attitude of the kitten when it comes to my problem with it? " n "I think she would not say much for fear that would many details about the slave trade today. she was more concerned about sudden riot Kendall. " N " I wonder why the chosen child, so brave, " " ? I think that after they had gone, he realized how lonely he is. it s friends your age, wanted to be with him, doing things... and it looked like trapped under the rule of Kitty and saw, wasa victim of the same drag decided to stand up and be counted for the first time in s of his life. I am very proud of him, and I'm looking forward to his first Mass as an altar boy. " " is a very sweet guy, but Kitty has screwed king. "Troy Date. " Has anyone ever seen two of you the American version of "Queer As people ? "' " No," said Cliff, while Roger said yes. " Well, the kid who plays Justin... Sharon Gless called 'Sunshine' n. Kendall reminds me every time I see it. Kendall n that always observed on Sunday at night and I do not know if he was aware of their similarity with the child s history. " " Troy, do not want to be rude, but Jay has a lunch prepared hard for Roger and I, and if it is too late and must return to heat all is inclined to stuff all the food in the garbage disposal. " " He would not, in fact, right? " Troy asked. " Wait until you move in with him on Wednesday, and you will see, there s no way to exaggerate anything about Jay," " sounds like you love it, though..... " " Both Roger and I know... You can not stop loving him. He will not allow You hate... It's impossible. " " Well, before leaving the two, let me thank you. I do not think that to know why you are doing everything for me, but you never know how much I appreciate that... and above all... I love you very, very, very much. " Troy said. His sincerity was a lot of tears were running down the screen cheeks. " So we want you, Troy --- they love you too. We want you n know that you have a new family and we will all be there for them, such as is a unit. " " That's the part I can not overcome. Every time I think to be a part s of a family, makes me warm... Also the parts of me that, no feelings now. " " Well, if Jay can survive nursing knowledge, all inoperable parties should work again soon. " He laughed all. " Goodbye, big guy, see you tomorrow. " " Tomorrow. "Troy said. His face was hope. Lit u003c u003e u003c u003e u003c u003e u003c u003e u003c u003e u003cf. When you Assessing the fork does not work, he was busy trying to tell you what n to do. He took over as he called it, " cuntractor. " 's neighbors and members of the liquidation of the community probably n urgently to a chiropractor, as a result of his "look " as front of the house. Cliff manages his morning prayer, and several churches activities on the phone at home every time for a report on the Reform get. When I heard about the outcome of the meeting with Cliff Kitty n is Lolita Stories the prospect of moving to the spirits of Troy were conducive environment enormously increased. And Cliff is among at parties, Cliff found time, offer prayers of gratitude, for he had never been so happy of his life. arrived Wednesday morning and taken to the ambulance Troy his new home. In all the days since his accident, Cliff realizes Troy had never met Jay. All they knew each other was what they had learned n Roger and him. cliff prAyed, " God, I hope they can get and on!" It was like having a roommate "mail order". Cliff assume that Copasetic all, there was always a possibility that an error has been... that's... to meet Jay and Troy. " Troy", Cliff said : ". I want to know Jay, the owner of the rectory " N "At least, he said, " Master "and not "love ", " Jay said. " Jay, this is Troy, " Cliff said, " Dear God, no wonder that the Spartans lost," Jay said as he looked fear of man beautiful front him. "How are you ? " " I... I'm fine," Troy said, offering his hand to Jay. "Okay. Yes, that's what I always say when someone asks me how I the clock. 'F ', 'I ', 'N ', ' E'. It means" fucking "" uncertain, " " neurotic "and " emotionally unstable. " I am" good ", like you. " Jay joked. Troy managed a small laugh. "Jay is like you describe and Roger him. " "Jesus can not have someone waiting for Troy to find out for yourself front of you and Roger began to Vicious Rumors about I? " " I thought that Troy should be prevented, "Cliff in the middle. " Well, if they all have the right, I leave you two alone, better to be knows, " Cliff, then said he saw Troy, " you have in that system chastity belt, not that you suggest? " " All closed and belted ! "Troy," but do you really need ? " " I'll let you discover for yourself! "Cliff joked as he left room n. A five minutes later s Troy might have thought was long lost Jay lovers n, directly from the war back. Ten minutes later he heard Cliff Troy \\ \\ laugh n bed on a new Jay strange antics. that appeared friendship would be good for both in their mutual time of need. Jay wasted no time, says Troy about his illness and ensure that Troy was not afraid of their surroundings. Jay Troy questions paralysis, as he pushed and tested the lower half of Troy, inch by beautiful inches. "Are you here? " " Yes, "Troy said. " What ife?... and here's... here? "" " Yes... yes.... no. " " What about this part here? " " definitely yes " \\ \\ n " Oh, shit, I expected Lolita Stories to have more time to restore spending sit n " "is the part time Lolita Stories to work with. it will not matter to me. " Roger and Cliff had overheard the conversation in the hall back out of the room and laughed out loud. "Nurse Ratched " has been on a tear. At this rate, Troy would not only back, he n Run to get away from happiness " livestock. " "What is your favorite food? " Jay said Troy. " I want to fix something special. " N "I like almost everything except the broccoli. It gives me gas and running. " " Well, that's one way to coach ! "joked Jay. Roger and Cliff went to meet them. "How are you ?" Cliff asked, as if he did not know. " Well," said Jay. "We have a wedding in June with a decidedly high church service with the Corps de Ballet Trocadero as bridesmaids, and Chippendaledancers and as witnesses. This is all we have planned for --- away! Cliff " " Father, where are these fools ? " Troy laughed, " I crossed a lake, later, he followed me home and instead of sex, baked me a cup of tea biscuits. I'm not a position to get rid of him since. " "Ha! Ha! Wait just behind the paddle device n and know that they call you crazy. " " sure you can fit two of us in it? I see a single seat. "Troy joked with Jay. " In my view, no room for two beautiful, thank you very much. " " I can not wait! " " Troy, you want a little rest before dinner ? " " I love Cliff father. " " Would you stop all the " Father Cliff formality? It right ole 'Cliff '. We are all part of one big family. " "Sorry, I forget ! cliff... Roger? " He sighed deeply before speaking again. "I want to thank for my new life. " " Let's not get sentimental in this spirit of happiness I... can u that we thank you for years. "Said Roger. all permits Troy in its new home, however, before Jay to was terrible impression of Schwarzenegger" I'll be bock... "According to Troy. Once the three were in the hallway, she s looking at each other and gave a " pass " the indoctrination of Troy. As are halfway Lolita Stories to the kitchen for dinner. start ringing, Cliff opened the door and was greeted with "Hi, my father Cliff.. "It was Kendall. " I know Troy is here. Do you think I'm going to see? " " Kendall, that make it easy to take a nap. " " What I have to say is only a moment. "I asked. " On one condition. You've got me on the votes of a promise "priest -to-be " you say something that bothers you... They promise? " " Yes, I promise. " Cliff beaten, then went inside to tell his Troy a visitors. Troy agreed to see him because he had been well received with Kendall as long as the wicked witch was not there. Cliff Kendall was in theThe bedroom. In case one of them said something that might need it later a witness, Cliff stayed away from the ear. " Hello, Troy. " " Hello, Kendall. Come sit on the side of my bed where we can talk better. " " Thank you... you know, why I'm here, right? " " I have a very good idea, but I love to hear what they have to say ". n "Sorry, Troy... very deep, terrible, very, very, very accepted Sorry, " " apology. " " and nothing more? " "equal to" ", a crime for nothing ? " " No offense... in any case, I owe a world of thanks, Kendall. " " Why? " " to step forward and help me win my freedom. " " I have mine too, " " Thus have I heard, "said Troy, smiling with pleasure. " What has come to with us to fix things? " " I do not know... I think Cliff 's father had a lot to do with it," " Oh yeah?.. I see you have come to you too. " " He has many of us, Troy. for the first time in my life, I'm thinking to myself... my own decisions.... Do you hear, Ian altar boy ? " " Yes Congratulations. There will be a nice, I know. " " Cliff has a father tell you about my long term plan ? " " No, he just tells me you need to know. "N " I want to be a priest... as he did. " " That's right, Kendall. They could no better role model. " " I know... He is my friend. He promised to help me. " " Ditto, "said Troy, " He is my friend. "N " I want friends, Troy, you and me, if you can find in your heart to forgive me. " " I just took care of that a minute ago. Kendall, I know what I was not his fault. I knew all the time, but his mother had n in its power and charm as well. I could not help himself more than I could. " " I have enjoyed our time in bed. " " I think I have too, if they get used, " " How do you feel now? Do you still like men, although the n forced to do this Lolita Stories ? " " I think I always prefer to have sex with a man. I did not realize just , who loves me started. " ", what did you do... Making love ?... Not only with sex? " " Kendall is almost impossible to have sex only no Because it is an element of love. " " After everything that happened, you can still say you love me? " " Yes, I still I love you. I'm not in love with you. " " There is a difference ? " Lolita Stories " A great... You will learn all about it when you get older. "N " I told Cliff father would stay only a minute, so I think it would be better. I do not want to break a rule so you can return to and see you again, " " Kendall, to come closer. " For the listener in the room, there was a long pause silence, then Kendall 's voice :" You gave me a kiss... Why did you do that? " " So do not forget to come back to me. " " Do you mean that? Really? They do not care if I ? "N " I'm looking forward... Well, excrement! "Back Kendall to leave, then stopped. " One more thing before go... " " What? " " From now on, calling me 'Ken ' no, ' Kendall '? " " Sure... goodThe night, 'Ken'. " "... Night, Troy. " Kendall went out the front door, happy as a lark and,... BIKE ?... The child was with the wheel? Wonders never cease want? n " Cliff" Troy called. "is the same that have come in. I know I was out the door and heard every word, Kendall and I had to say. " " I'm sorry, when we saw it. " " That is good. I do not care if you've heard. " " treated very well, in Troy. " " Thank you... He's basically a good kid. It is unfortunate that no n a "Cliff father to guide him as he grew. It s no matter, I would like to have one. " " Well, that's all I have to grow and now. What you have to say " " it? Cliff, I owe my life. I confess I do not care, I'm in love with you, and I think I feel I just Roger. " " Roger and I are like a person... we have since we were n children as well. " ", I envy him. never one so in my life. " " Yes, you will. you will find a personaln is the only way to. " " I hope so... " " Well, why do not you go to fill a little rest before eating... and I promise, No more intrusions or disturbances will be. " Cliff left the room quietly and closed the door, u003c u003e u003c u003e u003c u003e u003c \\ \\ u003e u003c u003e u003c u003e s of the family meal with only four of them! is fantastic! they celebrated with joy, gratitude and broccoli Finally modern concoction --- Jay. entertained, fed, and who knows you, each other better go to sleep. Jay Troy wheels in the bedroom and Roger, that never tires, approached and opted for a DVD for Cliff and him. chose " the Sum of Us", an Australian film in which Russell Crowe is the gay son of a father played Jack Thompson understanding. Russell showing her bare butt and showed that it was a kiss without fear and do in love with another man in bed. a challenge for the man must have been piece, but his performance showed no signs of lack of luminosity. Meanwhile, Jay continued Troy 's room and stayed and stayed and stayed until the cliffs curiosity the better of him, and slipped down the hall Lolita Stories to listen at the door. This place was always very familiar with Cliff. Through the door, I heard Jay Cliff asks Troy... " So your penis... not paralyzed ? " " No, thank God, everything in this department is working very well to " " Do you mind if I get curious and ask if you have to go " off " were admitted to the hospital? " " not once. " Troy said. " You have very good, right ? " " Very good, yes. " " Are you afraid that if I wanted to go home? " \\ \\ n "Afraid of what? " " Since my AIDS. " " Jay, this is the 21st Century. I am educated and I'm gay. I know I no Sex on the safe side and I'm not worried about the infected n you. " " Christ! Where have you been in the last ten years of my life? "N " No matter. now I'm in your life... and you are in me... and We are in the cliffs and the life of Roger. " " so would not a little " sex object safe? "" No, while we are both protected. Do not forget, Jay, you have to both the danger of something catching me as I am of you... Do you have not use condoms? " " you know. you have a whole drawer fullthat only in the case --- and hopefully. " " What ? " n " If there was a lot of overnight guests. " " Like who? " " Oh, I do not know, only the Epiphany of the Lord,... three wise men, , perhaps? " " Jay, you're so funny, they make me laugh, because it does not have laughed at is a long time. I love working with you. " " and I love working with you... Now we have to Lolita Stories put both condoms and love each other in bed? " " sounds like a winner! " " Whose sausage? you or me, what a Viennese sound as at all? " " My Wiener, idiot. " " hand job or oral sex? " Jay asked bluntly. ", which will be a good regular or one night? " " depends on how interesting it seems to me naked. " Jay, jokes, seemed upset, n " Well, look, look, if you put your mouth where ever been if there is such a place ! " " Okay, let down their drawers. Its cargo shorts sorta on things. I like to try this unpleasant body fluids for a drink cotton sieve " " Well, but you have to help me undress. " " I've met in my life to help some men pull their pants. " ", but only as a joke, right? "Troy joked. " Before... if only tonight or night any... so of us the promise of marriage - using condoms for each other, security... any questions request. " " I agree... Now you push a double layer of latex on me and let's see if This is only a one night Pardon the pun, but they are certainly very rooster, " Troy vamped ". - Insurance for an invalid. " " Many have tried, but only a few.... " " I want to win this game for the Gipper -. Or post to " Over the next two minutes, Jay acoustic noise all kinds of sex, , while Troy is laughing it. " You think it is not funny, right? "Jay was broken. " You're it, is the following !. " "Hey, hit me yet! More " " Who said it ? You know, the chef is always a starter before the entry. "Jay said. " soup to nuts, huh ? " " Well, that's one way of seeing things ! "I was Cliff there and listened to the two of them traded barbs and jibes n, occasionally interrupted by the sounds of sexual pleasure. Maybe it not had sex in the real sense of the word, but it sounded as clean, fun sex, sure. Cliff went back into the living room for end N of the film. I was hoping that the sight of a naked Russell \\ \\ Crowe s to have anal sex with a man who Roger and step up their time his night of love come. Hey Jay and Troy had not Cliff did just hot, all I needed was to get upset, fifteen seconds on the bed with Roger, "What are the boys doing? "Asked Roger when Cliff returned. " play "doctor", I think. "Cliff said, very casual. N " What? " " Right now, Jay is well under temperature conditions of Troy with a Re CTAL thermometer or preparing a homemade enema. " " Really? Well,damn it! " " now has taught us to preach that the Lord moves in mysterious way. " " Yes, but this is borderline not too macabre and mysterious. white " " How did you like the movie? " " Well, if all Australians seem Russell Crowe, do not ask me, s why so many people 'Down Under'. " " Do you want to go " down under" issue in our bedroom ? "Cliff asked... " And not to lose, hard, you just give Russell Crowe. I have big plans for her. " " Everything Meyers, friend. "Roger jumped intended to be with legs stiff, sporty three feet long, erection and began to pursue Cliff in the room when the phone rang unexpectedly. " Well, what? " Cliff exclaimed on the phone, then picked it up and ,.... said," Hello?... Yes, Cliff is the father, how I can help ?... You are that ?... Where?... When?... Well, you say you called me ?... Who?... N What happens?... Could you repeat that slowly ?.. . Oh, my God,NO!... NO!... I am there. " " " " What is going on, Cliff was a nurse at General Hospital of the People... It seems that on the way home from here, Kendall was his bike and was accidentally hit by a truck! " " Oh, my God! Are you all right ?. " " The nurse did not know how he is. Surgeons are still in use to him. " " Jesus, God ! What is next ?!!!" ( To "Briarwood " Book One - Chapter Eight continued)
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